The company

  • PERSONALE LA MAGGIOREGiuseppe Barile's   Bakery  la   Maggiore  di   is located on the ground floor is about
  • circa 250 m2divided into 5 rooms described as follows:
  1. Laboratory for the production of baked goods.
  2. Packing.
  3. Leavening cells.
  4. Raw material and finished product warehouse.
  5. Sales and administrative/accounting department.
  • In our company we produce about 10,000 pieces daily
  • of bread for about 2,500 kg. per day, destined for the market as follows:
  1. 10% intended for retail sale.
  2. 5 % destined for the foreign market.
  3. 85 percent destined for the Italian market. 

The Bakery is present with 75 % in the market of northern Italy ( Emilia Romagna, Umbria, Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy) and 10 % in local markets such as Bari and neighboring countries. The Barile SRL bakery, has in its internal staff 10 employees divided into 9 workers, 1 clerk, and by a Team leader "Barile Giuseppe". The bakery employs a Food Technologist, an expert flour and raw material and yeast selector, and a consultant auditor. In addition, Il Panificio Barile SRL is now part of the large white art history Italian. Founded in 1880, over the years it has wisely combined the enhancement of traditions with innovations while preserving intact the high nutritional and gastronomic and health value of its products. The prestigious results achieved on the national and international markets are the result of a management constantly oriented toward quality. Natural leavening and the use of the best raw materials, carefully selected, are the foundation of our production process to guarantee the consumer. The work team consists of highly skilled and qualified personnel in the white art. The highly qualified computerization of the sales department, guarantees quick and personalized responses as well as a fast delivery service. In addition, Panificio la Maggiore boasts of a clientele that has been trusting our work for more than 30 years now; always guaranteeing them the utmost precision and commercial fairness.

Barile Giuseppe