The Story

il pane di altamrua mercato romano 1966In 1927, Barile Sante took over an old wood-fired oven built in the early 1800s. The business is family-run: in fact, Sante's sons work there, especially brothers Giuseppe and Saverio.

The business underwent a profound transformation in 1964, when the bakery was transformed into a modern bakery company that preserved, however, the traditional and artisanal processing of the renowned Altamura bread.

Following the untimely death of his brother Saverio in 1975, the Company was run by Barile Giuseppe as a sole proprietorship, letting his sons , Antonio and Sante, take over in 1990, thus transforming The Company into a S.N.C. and retaining for himself the role of managing director.

The Company is known in several municipalities of Italy for the goodness and genuineness of its bakery products and Altamura Bread made with top-quality durum wheat semolina and sourdough, baked in a wood-fired oven. Panificio La Maggiore , in 1999 received the quality award..







Barile Giuseppe was born in Altamura in 1937, a son of art, he has dedicated all his efforts in creating a modern bakery enterprise, while remaining faithful to tradition and bringing up the prestigious and ancient name of "Forno La Maggiore."

A wise connoisseur of processing systems, he studied as a self-taught, always tried to bring improving technical solutions in baking. The experience gained and the technical culture assimilated over many years of tireless dedication to his company have made him one of the most experienced and competent bakers.

In 1979 he was among the founders of the ALTAMURA BREAD PROTECTION CONSORTIUM, of which he has always served as chairman of the board. On several occasions his company has hosted, under his direction, internships for the professional training of bakery workers.

He has collaborated with public bodies, Municipality of Altamura, Comunità Montana dell'alta Murgia, etc. so that Altamura Bread would be known and recognized through participation in various exhibitions such as:

  • The ANUGA - World Food Market (Cologne) in 1991;
  • The IBA - International Specialized Exhibition for Bakery. (BERLIN)1992;
  • CIBUS Mediterranean;
  • Fiera del Levante, Andria Fair, St. George's Fair, etc.

He also collaborated with Arcigola Slow Food as the official supplier of Altamura Bread at the Salone Internazionale del Gusto, Lingotto 1998, where he was awarded the CHIOCCIOLA D'ORO. He has been called upon to speak in qualified television reviews promoted by RAI - Rodio Tel. Italiana and private broadcasters operating in the area. He has given numerous interviews to the National daily press and to specialized magazines in the field.

  • His high level of professionalism in the field has enabled him to collaborate with professional training institutes, enjoying great success.


He has, in addition, participated in countless conferences as a speaker, for resolution of needs of the specific bread making of Altamura Bread. But his great pride is that of having brought the PANE DI ALTAMURA to the PDO, (protected designation of origin) recognition, the only one of its kind in all of EUROPE. The passion for research, in-depth studies in the role of dietary fiber in bread making, gave way to create a product that could give the body natural effects as preventions from annoying diseases, christening it "BREAD OF HEALTH."